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— June 20, 2014 —

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Repackage | New vs. Old

About a month ago MAC introduced their new Mineralize Skinfinish packaging and during my last online order (MAC Pure Heroine!) I picked up Global Glow which is a shade currently unavailable at my local store/counter. I had a feeling it would come in the new packaging, so I took this as an opportunity to share my thoughts and details on what has changed, for the better and for the worse...

Is this new packaging permanent?
- Yes, online orders and locations should be rolling them out soon.

Has the size of product changed?
- No, they are still 10g / 0.35 oz.

Has the price increased?
- Yes, there was a $2 increase. (US and Canada)

So, what are some other main changes? ...

The cardboard box the compact comes in has changed to a black, half matte, half gloss which matches the new design of the compact itself.

The outside of the compact has changed quite a bit. We'll get into closer details in a moment but overall, there is a fair argument that this new design is more modern while the old compact is left looking outdated. There are other opinions disagreeing, saying the old design looks classier while the new design is left looking like fake MAC products from eBay. I have to admit, I strongly disliked the new packaging when images started popping up and although I will agree that the MAC logo does look a little cheap and tacky, in a whole, the new design and features are starting to grow on me.
The dimensions have changed ever so slightly. The new compact appears to be more narrow, but thicker than the original compact. (Lost some width but gained some height?) However, even with these changes the original design still feels slimmer if you were to hold them in your hand. I should mention, the new compact does feel more durable though.
The bottom of the compact has changed to a concave shape which allows them to hug and fit together easier.
Another example of the new concave bottom. The new shape fits the curved top of both the old and new compacts wonderfully, making stacking and/or condensed storage easier.
The main change I was actually excited for was the updated magnetic closure! There is just something about magnetic closures that feels luxurious and expensive to me. The magnetic is strong enough that the compact won't open while being stored, during travel or in your makeup bag. But at the same time, the magnet isn't so overly strong that the compact becomes difficult to open either. (I'm looking at you, MAC Proenza Schouler Blush Ombre! *cough, impossible to open, cough*)
The new design doesn't open as far as the old design. I'm not sure if this concerns anyone, but was just a difference that I noticed.
The pans have also changed quite a lot. I like that the product sits above the outer perimeter of the compact, but at the same time this could also cause loose powder to fly away rather than collect in the edges. Now, prepare yourself for the downfall... Are you sitting? From what I can tell, you can no longer depot. Since the design has changed you no longer have a pop-out insert the pan of product is sat in. It seems now the pan sits directly in the compact itself. I know most people don't depot Mineralize Skinfinshes often, but occasionally they will swap compacts with special edition packaging.
Another big appearance change was the transparent window on the front of the compact. Like many people have said, it looks like a UFO! My worst fear with the packaging change was that the window would become a raised bubble, much like it appears but in reality, the window is flat, flush and follows the natural curve of the compact. This goes to show that looks can be deceiving!

Another look at the transparent window. The plastic coats the entire inside of the lid, sits closer to and mimics the natural dome shape of the product. No longer will you have to worry about that bugger accidentally popping out and/or slightly turning anymore! And on a side note, I don't know about anyone else, but I keep the plastic insert in all of my products. With this new domed inside I feel like I could misplace the insert and not worry about my product breaking.
Speaking of plastic inserts, because the shape of the pan has changed, so has the shape of the inserts. I like these a lot more as they are smaller and collect less loose product which leaves your compact looking a lot cleaner.

And that sums up the major differences between the new design vs. the old design. Like I said, the new look is starting to grow on me and after making this post, the pros of the repackage definitely outweighs the cons.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Repackage

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Repackage

Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are and if any of the changes spark your interest! (:

Disclaimer: All products featured were purchased by me for personal use.