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Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain (0.169 oz.) individually retail for $13 USD ($16 CAD) and are available in 14 shades. They are said to be "a lip stain in both matte and satin finishes that provide a beautiful, long-lasting color."

(01) Always Red [P]
(03) Strawberry Kissed [P]
(06) Pink Soufflé [P]
(07) Cherry Blossom [P] 
(08) Whipped Blush [P]
(12) African Violet [P]
(13) Marvelous Mauve [P]
(14) Blackberry Sorbet [P]
(15) Polished Purple [P]
"This high-coverage lip product features avocado oil for a texture that transforms as you wear it: when applied, the initial cream texture becomes a silky, lightweight stain. Lips achieve stunning color and feel soft and comfortable. Available in an array of rich shades, including both matte and satin finishes, with intense color that stays put."
The packaging is a standard, plastic lip gloss style tube with a flexible, doe-foot applicator. They have a powdery, vanilla scent than can be noticed on initial application quite easily, but does fade over time. The formula is highly pigmented, easy to apply and dries within 30 - 60 seconds of application. With most liquid lipsticks, the color does cling to lips but never feels drying or uncomfortable. These typically wear between 6 to 8 hours on their own, but layering products, like glosses, can cause the wear time to be cut down drastically.

(01) Always Red is a medium, brightened scarlet red with warm undertones and a soft, matte finish. This shade applied smoothly, evenly and had fully opaque, rich pigmentation in a single swipe. I felt it had a thicker consistency than the other shades, but that didn't effect the application or wear time. Always Red wore well for +7 hours and left behind a faint stain. (5/5)
 * Kat Von D Outlaw was warmer, more orange toned.  Kat Von D Nosferatu was darker, more red.

(03) Strawberry Kissed is a medium, strawberry red with warm undertones and a matte finish. This shade applied smoothly, evenly and had rich, opaque pigmentation. It had excellent performance throughout wear; it wasn't streaky or patchy once dry and it didn't crack or flake over time. Strawberry Kissed wore well for +7 hours and left behind a faint stain. (5/5)
* Kat Von D Bachelorette was cooler, more pink.  MAC All Fired Up was brighter, cooler, more pink. MAC Impassioned was lighter, brighter, cooler, more pink.  Too Faced Melted Strawberry was brighter, more vivid, glossy.

(06) Pink Soufflé is a light-medium, pink mauve with warm undertones, pink sheen and a satin, matte finish. It applied smoothly, evenly and fully opaque. While this shade had rich pigmentation, it also had an incredibly fine micro-sparkle mixed in. On close inspection, it was ever-so-lightly streaky in some areas and I did experience cracks in some of the fine lines of my lips over time. Pink Soufflé lasted +6 hours before fading. (4/5)
* Kat Von D Lovesick was lighter, cooler.  MAC Please Me was lighter, more yellow toned.  Clinique Plum Pop was darker, muted, more plum.

(07) Cherry Blossom is a medium-dark, watermelon pink with warm undertones and a matte finish. This shade applied smoothly, evenly and rich, opaque pigmentation. It had excellent performance during wear; it was never streaky or patchy and it didn't flake or crack once dry. Cherry Blossom wore well for +6.5 before fading. (5/5)
* Kat Von D Mother was darker.  Kat Von D Lovesick was lighter, cooler.  Too Faced Melted Fig was darker, muted, more plum.

(08) Whipped Blush is a medium, brightened, neon pink with warm undertones and a matte finish. This shade applied smoothly, evenly and fully, richly pigmented in a single pass. While I didn't find this shade to be difficult to work with, despite being such a vivid color, I did experience light cracking in the finer lines of my lips during wear. Whipped Blush lasted +7 hours and left behind a faint stain. (5/5)
* Kat Von D Backstage Bambi was lighter, cooler.  MAC Pink Pigeon was darker, warmer, more muted. MAC Candy Yum Yum was lighter, brighter, cooler.

(12) African Violet is a medium, brightened, fuchsia purple with warm undertones and a matte finish. This shade applied smoothly, evenly and nearly fully opaque. It had rich pigmentation and left a very soft sheen to my lips, almost as if there was a fine micro-sparkle mixed in, but none could be detected from the tube or brush—it was only once the product was applied. African Violet wore well for +7 hours and left behind a faint stain. (5/5)
* Kat Von D LUV was brighter, more purple.  Kat Von D Susperia was darker, cooler, more purple. Kat Von D LUV (Lipstick) was darker, muted, more purple.  MAC Heroine was darker, cooler, more purple.  Too Faced Melted Violet was lighter, brighter, more lilac.  Clinique Grape Pop was lighter, warmer, muted.

(13) Marvelous Mauve is a medium, dusty rose with hints of pink, warm undertones and a matte finish. This shade applied smoothly, evenly and had rich, opaque pigmentation. Again, this was another shade that had excellent performance during wear; it was never streaky or patchy and it didn't flake or crack once dry. Marvelous Mauve wore well for +6.5 hours before fading. (5/5) *My best friend, Vic (cities-to-dust), absolutely adores this shade; chances are if she's wearing a lipstick, this is most likely it!
* Kat Von D Lolita was muted, more brown.  Clinique Plum Pop was warmer, more pink.

(14) Blackberry Sorbet is a medium-dark, muted berry red with purple micro-sparkle, warm undertones and a matte finish. This shade applied smoothly and even for the most part. While it did have rich, opaque pigmentation, it did appear ever-so-lightly darker in some areas at close inspection. This was another color to have a very fine micro-sparkle mixed in that left a soft sheen to lips. Blackberry Sorbet wore well for +6.5 hours and left behind a stain. (5/5)
* Kat Von D Exorcism was darker, more burgundy.  Kat Von D Wolvesmouth was lighter, warmer, less opaque.  MAC Instigator was darker, cooler, more purple.

(15) Polished Purple is a deep, darkened purple with neutral-to-warm undertones, purple, blue and pink micro-sparkle and a metallic finish. This shade applied smoothly, evenly and had opaque pigmentation. There were times that the product did apply thinner/lighter around the edges, but this could be easily corrected by applying a second coat to clean up. It leaves the most unique, metallic finish to lips that didn't emphasize imperfections. Polished Purple wore well for +7 hours and left behind a faint stain. (5/5)
* Kat Von D Poe was blue, less opaque.  Too Faced Melted Villain was lighter, warmer, muted, more fuchsia.

Overall, these liquid lipsticks are truly one of a kind! While they do dry matte, they are comfortable to wear and are insanely forgiving when it comes to dry, chapped lips or imperfections. They don't overly accentuate those problems due to their softer appearance on the lips. If you're a fan of liquid lipsticks in general, or you want to love the traditional mattes (ie. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks) but they just don't work for you—these are a great alternative, they are affordable and are definitely worth checking out! (**Shades may contain Carmine and Red Lake 6, 7 Pigments)

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FAQ | Questions You're Too Afraid to Ask

Often times on social media or even beauty forums, I'll have people asking questions or commenting on certain aspects of this blog, channel or even my personal life. I always wish I could respond to clear the air properly and hopefully give all of you a better understanding as to why certain things are the way they are—what better way than start a Question and Answer type post with responses and answers to all the questions people want to ask, but usually don't...

Why do your videos sound scripted/robotic?

  • My videos are "scripted" to an extent. I tend to make notes so I won't forget the major details to touch base on and go from there. I feel it helps keep the video(s) on track and more unbaised, without going off topic or rambling on. I try to keep my videos as fast, on topic and informative as possible—and I promise, I'm not a robot.

Why is the editing so choppy? Do you do a bunch of different takes and edit the best ones together?

  • Each video is done in a single take. There may be moments where I stumble over my words and need to reiterate, but the fast editing is just so the video will be as short as physically possible!

Why are your videos so bright?

  • Lighting has been an issue since day one. I'm sure almost everyone on YouTube struggles with proper lighting, at least one time or another. For some reason, whenever I upload a video it processes to be brighter than the original file. I'm not sure why, or how to correct it but it's not too far off to be a major concern.

    Pictures and swatches will be the most accurate—they're taken in completely different lighting, usually daylight, LED lightbox or a diffused flash. Regardless, they are spot on to real life when they are uploaded to blog posts and videos.

How do you afford to buy all these products?

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Tutorial | Autumn Glam

Hey guys! Here's a fun tutorial showing you two different looks for fall—an eye catching highlighted eye and a glittery glamorous eye! It's so simply to really spice up a look by adding glitter... Pumpkin colored glitter. Get it? Pumpkin spice. Oh, I'm funny. (...Not actually.) As always, be sure to LIKE! this video if you want to keep seeing tutorials!

Products Featured:

  • Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette in Cover
  • Inglot Freedom Eye Shadows in #37, #326
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion
  • Make Up For Ever Smoky Stretch Mascara
  • Lit Cosmetics Clearly Liquid Glitter Base
  • MAC Glitter in Reigning Riches
  • Lotus Lashes Brush-On Lash Glue
  • Lotus Lashes Mink Lashes in 504
  • NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Siberia
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW15
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW15
  • Sephora Collection Contouring 101 Face Palette
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone
  • Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Rapture
  • Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Blackberry Sorbet
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Auburn
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Auburn
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in Auburn

Disclaimer: All product(s) featured were purchased by me for personal use and/or sent for consideration. For more information, please read my disclosure policy.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Smoky Stretch Mascara | Lengthening & Defining Mascara + Comparison

Make Up For Ever Smoky Stretch Lengthening & Defining Mascara (0.23 oz) retails for $24 USD ($28 CAD) and is said to be "a mascara that creates infinite length, precise definition and expert separation."
"Smoky Stretch Lengthening & Defining Mascara is formulated with a Flex Control Complex, which elongates lashes while creating ideal definition and separation. Designed to grip lashes at their base and effortlessly comb through each and every one, this innovative comb brush gives lashes an irresistible, naturally-enhanced look."
The packaging is a long, slim black tube. The applicator wand is quite thin and features plastic spike bristles. The formula had no scent and is also said to be ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lenses. Unlike many mascaras from the brand, Smoky Stretch isn't currently available in a waterproof version.

As some of you may know, the Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara ($24 USD, $28 CAD for 0.23 oz.) is one of my top 3 favorite mascaras—of all time! It separates, darkens, defines and adds major volume while leaving your lashes feathery and flexible. It has a fat, tapered spoolie-style applicator that does come off rather intimidating at first, but it makes coating and flaring out your lashes easy. With all that said, you can probably guess that I was extremely excited and had high expectations for another mascara that promised to deliver length, opposed to volume.

The Smoky Stretch formula lengthens and defines lashes nicely. It didn't supply any volume or make them appear fuller, despite the fact that it separated my lashes, but not nearly as much as I expected. The product and wand coated them easily, evenly and left them looking intensely black. Once dry, my lashes were left with a nice hold while remaining flexible and weightless—I didn't find that they fell flat, or lost their natural curl as time went on.

When I tried applying a second coat, both when the product had begun to dry and once it was fully dry, I found it was difficult to stop my lashes from sticking together. They weren't clumpy, by any means, but they did end up looking rather spiky, sort of like the "tarantula lashes" trend.

Regardless, the Smoky Stretch Mascara held up well over time. I didn't experience any color transfer to my lids or lash line. It didn't run or bleed as the day went on, either, even though it's not a waterproof formula. The only noticeable wear was a few small flakes of mascara on the tops of my cheeks around the +8 hour mark.

Overall, this mascara does what it says, for the most part. It noticeably lengthens lashes and adds color and definition—this will be great for those with shorter, fuller lashes. However, for those with sparse and/or thinner looking lashes, I'd recommend straying over to the Smoky Extravagant Mascara over this particular one, as it may end up enhancing the sparseness rather than improving them and making it appear as if you have more. Regardless, I'm a fan of Make Up For Ever Mascaras and I do recommend giving their line a go if you're in the market!

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Lotus Lashes | New Styles & Lash Glue

Lotus Lashes recently introduced their own Brush-on Lash Glue ($8 USD for 0.17 oz.) and 4 new lash styles into their line of handmade, cruelty free mink lashes. The new styles individually retail for  $24 USD and are said to be "light weight, comfortable to wear, long lasting, reusable and hypoallergenic."

The brand now carries 16 lash styles in total and come in 3 different volumes. Here's a list of the ones I have to share with you today...

If you're interested in seeing the original lash styles, be sure to check out the original review!

83 is described as a medium volume mink with a wispy pattern to give you a natural look that's perfect for everyday wear. They are longer towards the center, like your natural eyelashes, and adds length and volume.
102 is described as a medium volume mink with an intricate criss-cross pattern that will give you extra thickness and definition at the roots. They are layered with fringed ends to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. 
504 is described as a medium volume mink with a wispy pattern for natural, everyday glamour. They are textured and longer at the center and outer corners for an eye opening effect. 
45 is described as a high volume mink with a cross-cross V pattern to give a full, textured effect. They are longer at the outer corners to create a beautiful, winged-eye look.
"We want all of our customers to feel more beautiful and confident, so we have created a lash that is perfect for every lifestyle and eye shape. All of our high quality lashes are lightweight, making them easy and comfortable to wear. Handmade with cruelty free mink, our lashes are long lasting and reusable. Lotus lashes can be worn up to 25 times. Because our lashes are sterilized, hypoallergenic, and made with no added chemicals or dyes, they are suitable for contact wearers, or people with sensitive eyes. Our lashes come in no fuss; compact and lightweight packaging that can be used to store your lashes when you are not wearing them."
The lashes come housed in cute pink packaging with gold detailing and a bow, it's luxurious yet cute. The bottom of the box also features the style number. These mink lashes are "sterilized, hypoallergenic and made with no added chemicals or dyes so they are suitable for those with sensitive eyes."

I've been using the brands lashes for over half a year now and they've easily become my go-to lashes for any look, whether it be natural or dramatic. They are unlike any synthetic lash I've ever worn. The mink lashes are extremely lightweight, soft and blend easily with your natural lashes. The band is thicker than your average lash band, but this ensures they will remain durable and last through more wears.

With that said, the brand states that their lashes can be reused up to 25 times. I typically find myself disposing synthetic lashes every 3 - 5 wears, but I've worn multiple different Lotus styles and they've all surpassed that with 10 - 15 uses, showing no physical damage, stray hairs or displacement. I've had the occasional one or two "hairs" shed, but I'll be the first to admit it was due to user error, not the quality of the lashes themselves.

Dimensions for each style are listed on the website, which helps you get a better idea of the best lashes for your eye shape. I typically have to cut the lashes down band-length-wise, but I appreciate the fact they are extra long and require that extra step. It makes the lashes feel custom and I love the option of adding the trimmed section to my lower lash line for a more dramatic effect.

The Brush-on Lash Glue ($8 USD for 0.17 oz.) has a thin, brush applicator that makes applying adhesive to lash bands easy and precise. It has a very subtle scent, not as strong or potent as DUO. The glue is latex-free, waterproof and sulfate/paraben free. My favorite part about this adhesive is that it first applies an iridescent, opal-type shade, but turns completely clear once dry—it was a nice surprise to the standard off-white color you see from other brands. The formula becomes tacky after 30-60 seconds and once dry, I didn't experience any irritation or my false lashes lifting over time. The glue is easy and gentle, like typical lash adhesives, to remove both from your eyes and from the lash band after use.

Overall, I'm a huge fan of the new styles (despite the $4 increase) and the lash glue was an excellent addition into their line. The new styles definitely have a very modern, full, wispy lash feel to them and they make achieving that flawless "lash extension" look easy and painless. So, if you're a false lash fan or they're a staple in your make up routine, I would highly recommend checking out the original and additional styles!

Available now from Lotus Lashes and be sure to check out their Instagram!