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— March 31, 2016 —

Monthly Favorites | March 2016

As I always seem to say, it's not often that I do a Monthly Favorites feature on my YouTube or here on my blog, because I find myself either using the same products repeatedly or I typically only switch up products depending on the look I'm aiming to achieve—either way, it's not new things that I am consistently using.

Over the past month, however, I noticed myself reaching for some great items and usually it results to me thinking, "I wish I could talk about this!" so ta-da, here we are with some of my favorite products from the month of March!

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Power, Medium icon$44 USD / $53 CAD for 0.11 oz.

As some of you may know I have a sensitivity to carmine (a common pigment used in cosmetics) on my cheeks and most products geared towards contouring usually contain those types of ingredients. The hunt for carmine-free contouring powders is never ending, which is how this gem ended up in my cart during a holiday sale!
The Sculpting Powder iconis extremely lightweight on the skin, it never looks powdery and the color starts sheer, but builds gradually and easily. It also has grey undertones which looks very natural on the skin—it's honestly hard to go overboard with this product.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation icon— $43 USD / $52 CAD for 0.44 oz.

If you saw my recent review than you probably already know I have quickly become a huge fan of this foundation. It's one of the best formulas I've found for dry skin! The Ultra HD Stick iconis long-wearing, lightweight, comfortable and doesn't separate or crease in my expression lines—which happens with almost every product I put there.
The Ultra HD iconline has a great selection of shades and undertones to choose from and I feel a lot of people will like this foundation, but be weary if you have combination or oily skin. The texture is a thin cream and due to that nature, the ingredients that keep it in a solid form (i.e. waxes) can clog pores and actually make skin more oily. Don't fret though, some folks have commented saying using an oil-control or mattifying primer iconbeforehand helps!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed, Pearl icon— $38 USD / $46 CAD for 0.25 oz.

This is an every day favorite, it's my most reached for highlight formula by far and I don't think there will ever be a favorites feature that doesn't have it! The texture of Pearl iconis very buttery, smooth, luminous and a little product goes a long way. I honestly don't think anything compares to the Shimmering Skin Perfectors, iconthey just leave the skin glowing and beautiful.

BeautyBlender Micro.Mini (Correct Four) icon— $30 USD / $42 CAD

These were honestly too cute to pass up! If you follow my Instagram, you know I've been comparing them to mini eggs, especially since Easter just passed! The original BeautyBlender iconI purchased months ago has honestly been used every single day—they're great for applying and blending out foundations, concealers and powders! 
I bought these micro.minis with the intention of using them on the smaller areas of my face (i.e. around the nose, under eyes, chin, etc.) Truthfully, they're not the greatest when used with thinner or liquid products, I find the iconto be squishier and less dense than the original BeautyBlender. iconWith that said though, these are phenomenal for sheering out and blending thicker creams and concealers (i.e. MAC Studio Finish Concealer)

Urban Decay Eyeshadow, Beware icon— $19 USD / $22 CAD for 0.05 oz.

My favorite "transition" brown shade is Tyranny from the Pulp Fiction Palette—of course, it was limited edition. I made it a mission to find a duplicate shade that was permanent and Beware iconcame super close. The texture is what you would typically expect from the brand; buttery, smooth, blends easily on it's own and with other shades. It is on the warmer side, but it makes for a great mix!

Kat Von D Ink Liner, Trooper icon— $19 USD / $23 CAD for 0.019 oz.

I have been doing winged liner a lot lately with looks; the Ink Liners iconare the easiest liner for the job. Trooper iconeasily creates crisp and clean lines with rich, super black, opaque pigmentation. It lasts all day long without fading, flaking or smudging—even with watery eyes, thanks to Spring allergies!

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder icon— $38 USD / $47 CAD for 1.0 oz.

This product is raved about non-stop and I must be one of the last to indulge. I purchased the travel sized Laura Mercier Setting Powder iconover a year ago and only just recently got around to trying it. I don't use it for baking, merely because I don't "bake my face", but using a big fluffy brush (my favorite being the Real Techniques Blush Brush) to lightly dust it across my entire face once all of my makeup is done, really does help improve the overall look and extend wear time. My expression lines and under eye area hardly crease when this setting powder is on!

Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment, Clear icon— $18.50 USD / $22 CAD for 0.20 oz.

Over the years of purchasing holiday sets, I've collected a fair amount of deluxe sized Sugar Shine Lip Treatments. iconLately I have been doing a lot of lipstick reviews and to keep my lips nice and hydrated, I've been using this gloss and it's actually been doing a great job. I am a big fan of the signature citrus scent paired with the non-sticky shine. This is a great, hydrating, clear gloss—nothing bad to say!

Ardell Demi Wispies — $9.99 USD / $17.99 CAD for 4 pairs

Another product I'm late to the game with, but have been loving like I've always used them. These lashes have a very thin band making them super easily blend into your natural lashes. They still have a defined outer flare without being too dramatic or long. The Demi Wispies definitely add that extra "oomph" to looks—I've paired them so frequently, looks have started to look bare or be missing something without them.

Lash Placement Tool — $10 USD (at ULTA) / $8 CAD (at London Drugs)

This beauty tool has seriously changed my false lash game. I've never been able to apply lashes using regular tweezers, I have always used my fingers which does the job but they aren't so precise. During a drugstore visit, I spotted these ones on the shelf and decided to give them a go—best life decision, ever! I highly recommend trying a pair if you have difficulties getting lashes placed super close to your lash line.

So those are my monthly favorites for March, be sure to let me know yours in the comments!

Disclaimer: All product(s) featured were purchased by me for personal use, post may include affiliate link(s).