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— November 25, 2013 —

FRESH Sugar Treasures Holiday Set

During Sephora's VIB 20% sale I went ahead and picked up Fresh's Sugar Treasures Holiday Set. Fresh is known for their flawless sugar lip treatments, and it's for a good reason. I know a fair amount of people who rave about these lip treatments, and wanted to see what they're all about and gather my own opinion and experiences with them.

The Sugar Treasures Set retails for $50 USD ($58 CAD) and includes 1 Sugar Shine Lip Treatment (0.1 oz) and 6 Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments (0.08 oz.) which are a little more than half of the original sized tube -- with that said, each tube individually retails for about $7 - $8 in this set.

Sugar Shine Lip Treatment is described as a high-shine lip treatment that moisturizes, promotes suppleness and improves lip definition. 
Sugar Tint in Petal is described as a sheer petal pink. 
 Sugar Tint in Honey is described as a sheer warm nude.
 Sugar Tint in Passion is described as a sheer crimson red.
Sugar Tint in Berry is described as a sheer raspberry mauve.
Sugar Tint in Rose is described as a sheer berry rose.
Sugar Tint in Cherry is described as a sheer cherry.  

Let's start with packaging; the tubes themselves feel like a nice, brushed metal which feel sturdy and secure. They also feature a rather unique screw on cap, as I've never seen a lip balm with one. The packaging is very nice and reassures that I won't ruin them if I were to throw it in my bag or pockets. (Some mention that the formula is so soft that it starts to melt if worn in your pockets. I personally didn't have this happen, the product did soften, but not enough to worry about breaking or melting.)

The product itself is very smooth, buttery and hydrating. It's great for an every day treatment or to throw on quickly for a little bit of color. Surprisingly, they're a lot more pigmented than I expected, which was nice! It kind of gives me a guild line on how much I need to apply. They all smell and taste as described, but they all share a slight citrus under scent/taste -- which I really love!

My only cons with the set is that they are so soft and buttery, it is easy to over-apply the product. And because you are getting such a travel sized tube, you may run out of the product faster than you wanted. But as I said, the fact they're so pigmented kind of gives you a guild line on how much you should need to apply. Because they are a lip balm, they only last a few hours. For me, I'd say 4/5 hrs at most. Unfortunately, the moisturizing feel follows soon after the wear. Once gone, I don't feel the moisturizing feeling anymore, but my lips overall hydration is improved.

Overall, this set is outstanding. They're everything they claim to be! I'll definitely be picking up a full-sized Sugar Rose once I run out. I am even considering picking up another set as a backup for when I do run out!

The travel-sizes are great even if you own the full tube; whether to travel with, throw in your makeup bag because it takes up such little space or even as a gift for the holidays! I highly recommend this set to anyone who is interested, or has never tried Fresh products before.

Fresh Sugar Treasures Holiday Set

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment

Fresh Sugar Lip Tint in Petal

Fresh Sugar Lip Tint in Honey

Fresh Sugar Lip Tint in Passion

Fresh Sugar Lip Tint in Berry

Fresh Sugar Lip Tint in Rose

Fresh Sugar Lip Tint in Cherry

Can be purchased from Sephora Online, Sephora Stores and Fresh Online for $50 USD ($58 CAD).

Disclaimer: All products featured were purchased by me for personal use.