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Technical / Equipment Questions:

•   What camera do you use?
  Canon T5i for filming, product and swatch photos.

•   What lenses do you use?
  I use a 18-55mm kit lens for most photos and videos, as well as a macro lens for occasional close-ups.

•   What microphone do you use?
  Rode Video Microphone.

•   What lighting do you use?
  I typically use a variation of these different lighting options depending on the situation: natural daylight, diffused flashes, the Foldio2, reflective umbrella lights, white umbrella lights, clamp lights and a dimmable ring light. For bulb types, I find the Reveal daylight or any bright white work best.

•   What tripod(s) do you use?
  Slik Compact Tripod for filming.
  Joby Gorillapod Tripod for photos.

•   What program(s) do you use to edit?
  Sony Movie Studio 13 to edit my videos.
  Photoshop to edit photos and design.

•   Where did you get your website design?
  I personalized, designed and customized a template run through Blogger.

•   Who writes, maintains and runs your blog and channel?
  Me, myself and I — Supporting a blog and channel takes a lot of hard work, but no complaints!

Vanity / Organization Questions:

•   Where did you get your brush holder?
  It's the Ikea Socker Plant Pot Holder. (Relaunched as of Spring 2017)

•   Where did you get your fur background?
  I use the Ikea Tejn Fur Rug.

•   Where did you get your marble background?
  I purchased contact paper from Amazon and applied it to a custom cut sheet of wood.

•   Where did you get your vanity, drawer units and organizers?
  My current vanity is made up of two Ikea Alex 5 Drawers, two Ikea Alex 9 Drawers and an Ikea Linnmon Table Top in High Gloss White. For organizing, all of the acrylic containers I use are from the dollar store.

Personal Questions:

•   Where do you live?
  Western Canada—born and raised!

•   How old are you? When is your birthday?
  I'm in my 20's, my birthday is February 26.

•   What's your natural hair and eye color?
  My natural hair color is red, the bottom is bleached and no, I don't wear extensions. My eyes are hazel.

•   Why do you always wear a key?
  I've always collected and had a fascination with antique keys. The one you can see in all of my videos and photos used to belong to an old, abandoned house on my grandparents acreage. When they moved into the city, my grandfather gave me the keys and later down the road when he passed away, I decided to wear it around my neck as a loving reminder of him, their house and where I grew up.

YouTube Questions:

•   How did you get started on YouTube?
  I joined YouTube back in early 2008 and posted 2 videos  a brush review and a brush comparison video which reached nearly 20,000 views! From that time, onward I was strongly involved in the online beauty community. In 2010, I posted my very first makeup tutorial. I took a rather long hiatus, until August of 2013 when I returned to YouTube with the mindset of finally making my dream hobby of creating beauty related videos a reality!

•   Why do your videos sound robotic/scripted/monotone?
  My videos are "scripted" to an extent. I tend to make note to remember the major details to touch base on—I feel it helps keep the video on track and remain more unbaised, without going off topic or rambling. I try to keep my videos as fast, on topic and informative as possible. And I promise, I'm not a robot.

•   Why is your editing so choppy? Do you edit a bunch of different takes together?
  Each video is done in a single take. There may be moments where I stumble over my words and need to reiterate, but the fast editing is just so the video will be as short as physically possible!

•   Why are your videos so bright?
  Lighting has been an issue since day one—I'm sure everyone struggles with proper lighting from time to time. When a video is rendered, it likes to appear more contrasted than the original file, however it's not too far off to be a major concern. Also, please keep in mind that I'm naturally fair, I'm not "ghost like" or "deathly pale" due to lighting or editing. Pictures and swatches will be the most accurate, they're taken in completely different lighting—this makes them spot on compared to real life when they are uploaded to blog posts, social media or videos.

Makeup / Beauty Questions:

•   Did you go to school for aesthetics or cosmetology?
  Nope. After high school my goal was to become a graphic and web designer!

•   Do you have any makeup allergies?
  Yes, I have a sensitivity to carmine. Some products that contain red lake pigments bother me, other times they don't. The allergy typically affects my cheeks the most.

•   Why don't you ever feature drugstore brands/products?
  It's difficult to find specific products in Canada when it comes to drugstore. New products often arrive months later, which can be frustrating with how frequently companies release limited edition shades, as well a discontinue products. I also have troubles with drugstore brands not carrying shades properly suited for very fair skin tones. My top bought drugstore brand is Real Techniques, they're brushes are unbeatable!

•   Do you ever return products?
  I typically only buy products that personally interest me and I can see myself using—after all, these products are being purchased out of my own pocket. If I'm able to get products to work, yes, I will most likely hold onto them. However, if a product has troubles performing, causes an allergic reaction or is defective than of course, I will return a product! On the rare occasion returns aren't accepted, I will try and pass the item along to friends or family who may get better use out of it!

Blog Questions:

•   How do you afford to buy all of these products?
  Aside from paying for the typical life necessities (food, bills, etc.) Makeup is my hobby, so naturally it's what I choose to spend my extra dimes on! To keep it short and sweet, I'm blessed to have an incredibly supportive family and friends who are willing to help give me the opportunity to make my dream job a reality!

•   Do you actually test products for wear time?
  Yes, each and every product is tested for performance. If I don't test the wear time or cut the time short, it will be stated otherwise in the review/description.

•   Do you use a primers or bases when testing products?
  No, all products are tested on bare skin to get a real feel for application, wear time and performance. Yes, often times primers and bases will help products last longer, but not everyone uses those on a daily basis, so why test with them!

•   Are you sent products for free?
  On the rare occasion, yes, companies will send press samples for consideration of reviewing or featuring purposes. Please note, disclaimers are always featured at the bottom of each blog post and video description stating whether or not a product was sent for consideration or purchased by myself. I do not accept paid compensation to review products in a positive light, nor do I even guarantee a product will be featured. There have been multiple times where I've declined products or not shown a product—whether it be because I did not personally stand behind the product/brand or simply because they wanted to pay me in exchange for a good review.

•   Why should we trust your opinion on products/brands?
  My promise has always been to bring completely honest facts about products that are influenced by my own personal opinions and experiences. I try my absolute hardest to be truthful, informative and responsive to each and every one of my viewers, followers and subscribes! Although I try to remain mostly unbaised, some people may disagree with a rating and that is perfectly okay—some products work for some people and vise versa.

Last Updated: July 25, 2016