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About Me

"Reviews on everything beauty related brought to you by an average girl with a rather unique creative side."

About Me:
Most of you know me as Modernaires, but my real name is Amanda! I'm a twenty-something year old make up enthusiast living in Canada with my best friend / ocicat, Emma! Before taking on beauty blogging as a full-time job, I previously worked in retail management at a handbag and watch store.
Since a very young age, I've always been interested in all shapes and forms of beauty, whether it be high fashion, theatrical or just every day make up. Some of my other passions include photography, graphic arts and web design—after high school, I had actually planned on attending college for a degree in one of those fields.
When I'm not reviewing products and sharing my love of make up with the world, I can usually be found behind a coloring book, playing video games or trying to recreate baking and cooking recipes in the kitchen!

YouTube History:
I joined YouTube back in early 2008 and posted 2 videos – a brush review and a brush comparison video which reached nearly 20,000 views! From that time, onward, I was strongly involved in the online beauty community. In 2010, I posted my very first makeup tutorial, but soon followed a rather long hiatus until August of 2013 when I returned to the community with the mindset of finally making my dream hobby of creating beauty related videos a reality! 

As of June 2014, this has been my full time job thanks to the loving support of my family, friends and viewers alike! My main focus is beauty reviews—I create those types of videos because I feel the majority of them leave out so many important details and leave you questioning. Often times, after watching other videos, I'd find myself searching google for more information. My main goal for starting YouTube was to bring all that information into one place and present it in the quickest manner possible!

Please check out my FAQ page or feel free to contact me with any other questions!

Last Updated: May 15, 2017