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— December 31, 2015 —

Nails | New Years Eve Choppy Glitter Gradient

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It's been a while since I posted my nails, mainly because a) I don't paint them that often, b) when I do, they're not tidy—let's face it, I'm not one of those snazzy nail artists you see on Instagram or YouTube, like @simplynailogical! But it's New Years Eve and they've thrown themselves into the holiday spirit with a choppy, glitter gradient using China Glaze "Red Pumps"

Speaking of @simplynailogical, Cristine always uses this handy liquid latex peel that you coat your cuticles and surrounding skin around your nail in to prevent polish from staining and reduce the amount of clean up necessary... basically, so your nails don't look like they were painted by your eight year old self. Who knows, maybe you were a pro at a young age, but that wasn't the case for me back then and frankly, it still isn't!

The point of this story is, I didn't have time to purchase such a handy product before sponging my nails with glitter and always having makeup on the mind led me to this thought, "Liquid latex that peels off... Duo Eye Lash Adhesive is a liquid latex and it peels off." Yup, you guessed it, I coated my skin in lash glue before stippling on this pretty red polish!

Did it work? Absolutely, my nails have never been this tidy immediately after applying a polish using a sponge! The lash adhesive didn't irritate my cuticles and it didn't leave behind any residue, it peels off in one piece. But with that said, I wouldn't recommend it since lash adhesives tend to remain a little tacky, even after they've fully dried. If you're looking for a quick, one time fix—it works! Otherwise, we should probably take the experts advice and use the real thing from now on, haha!

Products featured...
China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Red Pumps 
The Rogue and The Wolf Midi Ring in "The Occult" 
The Rogue and The Wolf Ring in "The Betray"

Have a safe and happy New Year, folks!

Disclaimer: All product(s) featured were purchased by me for personal use.