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— June 30, 2015 —

Upcoming | BITE Beauty Opal Crème Collection (July 2015)

Bite Beauty Crème Lipstick retails for $24 USD and the Crème Lip Gloss retails for $22 USD. (I'll update once the Canadian pricing is released.)

Opal (Lipstick) is described as a sheer ultraviolet. [LE]
Opal (Lip Gloss) is described as a slick of opalescence. [LE]

"Formulated with two-tone pearl, the sheer Opal Crème Lipstick and Opal Crème Lip Gloss offer an iridescent finish to be applied on its own or on top of any lip color for an ultraviolet dimension. Known for its stunning range of colors as light passes through, the Opal Crème Collection diffracts light into a beautiful spectrum of shades for a mesmerizing, multidimensional lip."

Available at Sephora in July 2015. (More details to follow)

Bite Beauty Opal Creme Lipstick

Bite Beauty Opal Creme Lip Gloss

Disclaimer: All information provided by the company.