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— September 03, 2014 —

Upcoming | MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection (Fall 2014)

MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection is set to release online September 29, 2014 and in-stores October 2, 2014 at MAC Stores only.

Lipstick $17.50 USD / $21 CAD [Limited Edition]
  •  Frank-N-Furter is described as a deep raspberry wine. [Matte] 
  •  Oblivion is described as a vivid bluish-red. [Amplified]
  •  Sin is described as a deep dark blue red. [Matte] [Permanent] 
  •  Strange Journey is described as a yellowish brick red. [Matte]

Lip Pencil $17.50 USD / $21 CAD [Permanent]
  •  Vino is described as an intense violet purple.

Riff-Raff Eyeshadow Palette $44 USD / $53 CAD [Limited Edition]
  •  Graphic Style is described as a deep silver. [Veluxe Pearl] 
  •  Oh, Rocky!! is described as a soft muted white w/ pearl. [Frost]
  •  Carbon Black is described as an intense black. [Matte]
  •  Heavy, Black and Pendulous is described as a grayish blue with pearl. [Frost]
  •  Blackberry is described as a muted burgundy-plum brown. [Matte] [Permanent]
  •  Crystal is described as a violet duochrome with pearl. [Frost] [Permanent] 

Glitter $23 USD / $28 CAD [Permanent]
  •  Gold is described as a sparkling chunky gold.
  •  3D Black is described as a black w/ silver holographic effect.

Pigment $23 USD / $28 CAD [Limited Edition]
  •  It's Not Easy Having a Good Time is described as a sparkling burgundy.

 Chromagraphic Pencil $17.50 USD / $21 CAD [PRO Permanent]
  •  Basic Red is described as a primary red. 
  •  Black Black is described as a black.

 Greasepaint Stick $21 USD / $25 CAD [Limited Edition]
  •  B is described as a bright yellow blue.
  •  Black is described as an intense black.

Superslick Liquid Eye Liner $20 USD / $24 CAD [Permanent]
  •  On the Hunt is described as a true black.

Powder Blush $24 USD / $28.50 CAD [Limited Edition]
  •  Crazed Imagination is described as a muted plum w/ a hint of pink pearl.

Sculpt and Shape Powder $27.50 USD / $33 CAD [Limited Edition]
  •  Bone Beige / Emphasize is described as a palest cream / tan.

Set Powder $32 USD / $37 CAD [Permanent / LE Packaging]
  •  Invisible is described as a transparent ivory.

Zoom Fast Black Lash $17 USD / $20 CAD [Permanent]
  •  Black is described as a deepest black.

Lashes $18.50 USD / $22 CAD [Permanent / LE Packaging]
  •  #7 Lash

 Nail Lacquer $13.50 USD / $16 CAD [Limited Edition]
  •  Bad Fairy is described as a red w/ red multi-changing pearl.
  •  Formidable is described as a teal green w/ pink multi-changing pearl.
"The Rocky Horror Picture Show kicks off the celebration of its 40th anniversary in wild style with an untamed M∙A∙C collaboration, featuring an outrageous collection of hues and products specially designed to recreate the looks of your favourite characters from the 1975 cult classic film. Transform yourself into a sex-swapping mad scientist, heroic newlywed, alien from Transylvania or even the time-warped Riff Raff, with an orgy of colour worthy of any midnight mayhem at The Frankenstein Place."

The MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection releases online September 29, 2014 and in-stores October 2, 2014 at MAC Stores only. Internationally October 2014, excluding China.

Disclaimer: All information provided given by the company itself.