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— September 06, 2014 —

Chatty Caturday | Filming Location, Social Media & How I Got Into Makeup!

Welcome to another installment of Chatty Caturday! I know another has been long awaited and much overdue! I wasn't able to post a Friday video yesterday due to family from out of town visiting, but hopefully this makes up for it - from my heart to yours! There are a only a few topics this round...

1) Which location do you like best for filming? I've always been irritated and insecure about my current filming location because my lighting has never shown things true-to-color and as a reviewer where product shades matter, it drives me batty! I've tried several different bulbs, the best have been daylight bulbs - it's just a struggle so I've decided to switch my filming location! Please comment below or directly on the Chatty Caturday video and let me know which location you liked best!

2) Ask me questions! #AskModernaires anywhere! I want to start answering any questions you peeps may have, whether it be in random Chatty Caturday videos or, if I somehow get enough, I'll make a separate questions and answers video! Simply include #AskModernaires on any social media and I'll find it! Ask away, my pretties...

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And that concludes this Chatty Caturday! Don't forget to let me know which filming location you liked best! Until next time, have a fur-tastic day!

Disclaimer: All products featured were purchased by me for personal use.